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Square Hole Mortiser Drill Bit

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Well, engineers and craftsman are for reason going crazy about this Square Hole Mortiser Drill Bit! It's an innovation that should not pass by anyone's eyes unnoticed.  


Benefits of having Square Hole Mortiser Drill Bit

What every experienced craftsman needs in his tool arsenal is this premium Square Hole Mortiser Drill Bit. 

Its preciseness and easiness of use will, simply put, amaze you! You will cut through the wood as it is a paper

It will reduce the labor intensity of construction workers, speed up the construction process, reduce construction costs, installation costs, and much more!

This time and money-saving tool will most definitely pay off. 

Made of stainless steel, it will last FOREVER! Nothing will damage it, or possibly break it. Choose between two different sizes and cut your perfect shapes within a minute

 Square Hole Mortiser Drill Bit

Look at how easy this goes! You must have it!



  • 2 sizes- 10mm/16mm
  • Length- 203mm(10mm diameter); 208mm(16mm diameter)
  • Material- 100% stainless steel

Square Hole Mortiser Drill Bit


Square Hole Mortiser Drill Bit

Square Hole Mortiser Drill Bit

Square Hole Mortiser Drill Bit