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Quit Smoking Acupressure Ear Magnet Patch

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Best Solution to Fight Tobacco Addiction

Are you a tobacco addict who is struggling to quit smoking? It can be tough, and painful. Do you know that each year, about 1.3 million smokers quit smoking? You can be one of these nicotine warriors! With our Quit Smoking Acupressure Ear Magnet Patch, you can fight and win tobacco addiction within 7 days!

Product Features:

  • Inspired by the science of Auricular Therapy, acupressure patch helps you deal with painful nicotine withdrawal symptoms cheaply and effectively.
  • It’s made of powerful 24k gold-plated bio-magnets designed to fit on the top of your ear. You place one magnet outside and the other inside, and continue with your daily activities. The two attract exerting light presser on your ear.
  • The gold-plating provides natural conduction while eliminating possible allergic reactions
  • The patch works by stimulating your brain’s nerve receptors, helping you to cope with smoking withdrawal symptoms.
  • The stimulation leads to the production of endorphins whose sensation is similar to that you get when smoking. Since it has no addictive properties, it can help you quit smoking in 7 days!
  • Patented, this technique combines the merits of sound systems that have already been used. It helps you subdue the craving for a cigarette while relaxing the response. It is a proven technology with 80% success results for those who have undertaken it.
  • As you continue using the acupressure patch, without stopping your usual smoking habit, your desire to smoke will slowly but surely diminish, setting you and your health free!

Benefits of Quit Smoking Acupressure Patch

  • It has no side effects like other tobacco cessation drugs.
  • You can continue smoking while still using acupressure patch or use while undergoing other treatments.
  • Allows you to continue with your daily activities unperturbed or worried
  • Acupressure promotes a good feeling, the brain pumps out endorphins.
  • It’s a cure for the nicotine side effects like fatigue, irritability and gnawing cravings.
  • You will realize improvement in sleep and mood upon commencement of the treatment.
  • The process is approved and recommended by experts
  • It is a quick, effective way of quitting smoking without misery.
  • It is easy and friendly to the user
  • It is a solution to stop smoking
  • Has a major aim of reducing tobacco addiction
  • You can use the magnets either in the office or at home.
  • Designed to perfectly fit your ear
  • The patch is well held on your ear due to their attraction effects on your earlobe
  • It’s very portable, and you can easily adapt to it