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  • Mini size desktop popcorn maker, easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Electric hot air popping system, healthy oil-free popping.
  • Aluminum heat chamber design for quick popping.
  • With a transparent top cover for preventing scalded by water vapor.
  • Comes with measuring cup for ensuring proper amount of kernels used(one cup at a time, about 30g).
  • Making popcorn with this appliance and enjoy your movie time at home!

Voltage 220V~50Hz
Power 1200W
Material Plastic,Aluminum
Size 27x12.5x12cm
Color Red
  1. Do not put oil or any other ingredients into the appliance as this will damage the appliance.
  2. Before operating the appliance, please place the top cover, measuring cup on the top of the base unit.
  3. Please allow the appliance to cool for at least 10 minutes by switching off the power after every two consecutive.
  4. Please do not immerse the appliance into water when you clean it.


1 x Popcorn Maker
1 x Top Cover
1 x Power Adapter