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Hot Cold Photon Facial Massager

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  • 42°C warm therapy
  • 10°C cool therapy
  • Vibration massage
  • Red Photon therapy
  • Blue photon therapy
  • USB rechargeable

Weight 161G
Input power 5W
Temperature 10-42?
Charging time about 2 hour
Battery lifetime Warming 60mins ,Cooling 40 Mins
Use time 2 times/week
Material ABS
Hot and Cold Function
Cold effect
Help skin firmness, maintain flexibility, prevent allergies and other problems;
Shrink pores, lock moisture and reduce wrinkles;
Can soothe sore muscles, relieve skin fatigue, soothe the skin sense of tension, reduce skin redness, pain, Resistance to repeated growth of acne.

Warm effect
Putting a sponge to deep cleaning, better able to export the face toxins, blackheads,dirt.
Warming, makes people feel warm and comfortable, helps to relax muscles, relieve pain;
Stimulate the blood circulation acceleration, so the pores opens can help the skin to quickly import all kinds of skin care products absorb double skin. Make the skin more elastic and moist.

Light Therapy Functions
Red Light <650-730nm>
It can stimulate the production of collagen.Collagen is an essential protein that use to repair damaged tissue and replace old tissue.

Function: Skin rejuvenation, Reduce fine lines & Crow's feet, Repair damaged skin

Blue Light <430-450nm>
Acne contains prophyrins bacteria; the blue light is able to kill the prophyrins bacteria and achieve the effect of acne removal.The blue light furthermore has calming action for hypersensitivity.

Function: Acne removal, Improve sensitive skin, Balance oil secretion

Vibration Functions
10K/RPM Vibration: speed up metabolism of skin cell, reduce Crow's fee, relieve fatigue, Effectively improve skin elastic