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Electric Beauty Cosmetic Brush Cleaner

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  • Suit for most type makeup brushes (from diameter 3-30 mm) clean and dry.
  • Less harmful to our makeup brushes.
  • Can be act as a makeup brush organizer which can hold 8 Pcs brushes.
  • Made from high grade materials to ensure long-lasting use.

Battery 2 x AAA Batteries (Not Include)
Material Plastic and Silicone
Color White, Red,Black
Main body length 11.8cm
Bowl size 12.4*8.2*9.1cm
Use Instructions
  1. Choose the right size of the collar for your brush.
  2. Install batteries into the handle device, and connect the handle and the collar with the connecting spindle.
  3. Mix water and cleaning solution or soap, pour it into the cleaning bowl (around the 1/3 of the bowl).
  4. Dunk the brush for a litte bit, turn on the switch for 30 second and get it started to automatically clean.
  5. Use clean water to clean it again, and then let it spin-dry


    1 x Main device
    1 x Bowl
    1 x Spindle
    8 x Collars
    1 x Collar stand

    2 x AAA Batteries for Main Device ARE NOT INCLUDED!!!