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Car Radar Laser Camera Detector V3

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Product Features:
  • Global Positioning Satellite: V3 Laser Car Radar Detector 
  • V3 Laser Car Radar Detector is a very latest Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) System and wireless radar laser detector, which is to connect with GPS display screen, providing a safety and pleasure drive and enjoying your life. 
  • Safety is at the forefront of conqueror thinking with the addition of voice alert. 
  • When you detect a location, the V3 Car Speed GPS will tell you exactly what type of camera, 
  • getting all necessary and critical information you require without having to take your eyes on the road!
Hot Detection Laser V3 LED Display Anti Radar Detector Car Speed Control Vehicle
Item Model:V3 Car Radar Detector
Input Voltage:DC 12V
Lanuage:English & Russian
Dection Mode:City , Highway
Dection Range:200-800Meters
Support X K Ka Ku VG-2 band
VG-2:11.150GHZ +/- 175MHz
X-band:10.525GHz +/- 25MHz
K-band:24.150GHz +/- 100MHz
Ka-band:33.890GHz +/- 750MHz
Ku-band:3.400GHz +/- 75MHz

Package Included:
1 x Car Radar Detector
1 x Car Charger
1 x Anti-slip Mat
1 x User Manual